Hii, there!
My name is Abhijeet and I am a Software Developer!

I have experience working

as a  Machine Learning Engineer., Research Assistant., Full Stack Developer.

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About me

I am a research assistant at Illinois tech, working on deep learning based automation project for HVAC systems. In particular, I'm developing and applying new computer vision and CNN classification strategies to make existing ventilation systems smarter and efficient. I work with large-scale, real-world data, with the goal of building intelligent systems that have real-world impact.

Moreover, I am an experienced software developer, worked with both frontend and backend with technologies such as Android, Node.js, PHP, and WordPress. I am currently seeking full-time opportunities in the field of machine learning engineering, and full stack development.

Professional Skills


Expert, 3 year

Using Python for developing Machine Learning modules, Convolutional Neural Networks, Online Social Network Analysis and Data Visualization

Java & JavaScript

Expert, 4 years

Developed several projects for the Android mobile platform and Web based environment. Well familiar with threads and asynchronous calls in Node.JS framework

PHP & Node.JS

Expert, 3 years

Worked extensively with PHP for developing REST services and WordPress themes. Worked with Node.JS for web app development and REST Services.

C++ C# Keras Deep Learning Machine Learning
TensorFlow Android CSS3 WordPress

Recent Projects

my certifications

Contact Info

I am currently looking for full-time opportunities. Please feel free to drop me a message for the inquiries. I can help your organization by offering the following services.

  •  Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and Big Data related projects
  • Deep Learning with Tensorflow, Keras, and Pytorch frameworks (open to learn new frameworks)
  • Natural Language Processing, Sequence Modelling, Regression & Classifications, Computer Vision, Data Visualization
  • Mobile App development with native Android and Backend Development with PHP/NodeJS/ Python
  • Java, C++, C & C# based projects

You can contact me on the following platforms.

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